Wednesday, December 10, 2008

“Heat cannot be separated from fire, ..."

or beauty from The Eternal.” ~ Dante Alighieri

Wishing you had the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace? Here are some new products that may alter your perception of what a "fire place" is all about. It is a lot simpler to have one than you may be aware… and depending on the model of your choosing, may not even require venting, construction or remodeling! Not only that, they are a new generation of eco-friendly; and with the range of styles, you can find one suitable for your interior.

You will see from the photos the possibilities: limited only by imagination... When you look at the photos, I want you to take the concept and then visualize how it could be, using other materials and finishes to customize it to your own style. Whether contemporary, traditional or in between...this is a great tool to create some fabulous effects.

NEW Gaya fireplace. Designed by Roderick Vos. Manufactured by Safretti BV.

These wall hanging “fire boxes” are fueled by bioalcohol. The wall mounted units are designed to not put out heat, but is rather for the effect. They have various sizes and well as free standing models, which you can put anywhere.

Linear Burner System. Manufactured by Spark Modern Fires.
Spark offer vent-free or direct vent models

The following photos of the Ecosmart Fire shows some great examples of customized "surrounds" or ready made. The concept of the fire box, is just that. You can purchase the box kits if you would like to design your own "surround" or select from the growing number of styles that are offered. Depending on the design, you may use single, double, triple, or ribbon style fuel boxes. This is where you can get real creative... it can be as traditional or contemporary as you want. You can also retro fit it into an existing fireplace opening.

This is the "guts" of the fire place... offering endless design possibilities!

L’ Hôtel des Académies et des Arts

Westin Resort & Spa

Equilibrium Bar

Private Client

Zeta Toulouse en showroom

Stefan Post

Now... take the concept of the "fire box" and add one fantastic designer and you have the creations of Elena Colombo! She takes the fire bowl, fire wall, fire box, to a whole new level... please take a look at her website photos. She has merely taken the fire box concept and turned it into art.

Simple, Pure, and absolutely Beautiful!


  1. What an amazing post. Fire is now a completely different entity in our homes.

  2. Hi Corine, your right... it is an element that we can now manipulate and control ...with some fantastic results that raise our senses...even if only at a subconscious level... but who could you not be moved consciously by these?

  3. Just reading your post about fire makes my feel cozy and warm on this cold day.

  4. Hi Annie,thanks for stopping by. I know, it really fuels the soul... and the (brief) snow is so unusual for this time of year in is a nice change

  5. Hi Terri, what an amazing selection of fires. I saw the long skinny one in the Murano hotel in Paris in an all white room. Very Cool. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Carla

  6. Hello Carla,...and thank you for visiting... I went to your website... fabulous photographs of the dancers

  7. Hi! Thank you so much for registering on NIB. Sadly we only register norwegian blogs, but we have posted about you, in this post:

    Happy advent:)

  8. are some of those fire- place -sources not great ?

    i ran into them last month somewhere on the net, and was blown away. you have done a brilliant job in your post.



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