Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS day for 2008

It has been many years since I first heard of “AIDS”. The whole idea was incomprehensible and inconceivable. And I was of the age of invincibility…as most teenagers are. Now many years later, and many friends and acquaintances fewer, it is an even bigger concern. Not only for the current group of invincible young lives, but for a whole nation of people at risk of extinction because of this deadly virus. On a more personal level, in my own profession, the design world has lost many dear friends and colleagues.

I am proud of my country’s contributions to help control this crisis and to someday elliminate it…but it is going to take the conscious and monetary effort of all nations to eradicate this plague. As a parent, not only is it my responsibility to make sure my own children are informed and precautious, but to make sure that they spread that knowledge with compassion and concern for all human beings.

Please don’t assume that you or your own loved ones are not at risk from this deadly virus…because when it comes to AIDS, there is no division of the haves and have nots. Make sure that your self and your children are pro-active against AIDS.

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