Friday, March 13, 2009

"My Mind is Soothed and Calmed,...

...the burning has ceased, and I have found all sorts of treasures" ~ Guru Nanak

Yes... treasures for as far as the eye can see...but don't hesitate to take possession, or another will stake their claim! The Spring antique show of Round Top, Texas is just around the corner. Here are some treasures claimed from previous shows...
(While you stroll through the antique show, I hope you will enjoy the music from my playlist...and if you have time, hop over to the sidewalk cafe along the San Antonio River walk for a glass of wine and enjoy the Spring weather.)

A narrow French armoire if perfect for a good size bathroom or narrow space that needs a special piece.

You will find several vendors that sell vintage and antique fabrics and linens. Some of the vendors have fabricated cushions from the "ticking".

This would make a wonderful headboard. I had a similar fireplace surround for a project. I had a base made to elevate the bottom of the surround to just below the top of the mattress. An upholstered inset was fabricated for the opening, to sit flush with the front of the surround for the back rest.

This was a piece that I wanted to use in a project for the bathroom, to drop a sink into. By the time I got my clients go ahead for the purchase, someone else had bought it. Moral of the your designer!

A solid metal dresser... what a great piece.

A Scandinavian work table makes a wonderful console table.

The architectural finds are endless...

This piece ended up in the bedroom of one of the projects I was working on. It is a beautiful Spanish cupboard.

Reclaimed wood and architectural pieces have been married with zinc surfaces for a clean, simple country statement.

Love these French laundry baskets! Get their early enough to get the pick of the crop.

This piece would have made a fabulous kitchen island, and I would have gotten it if I had the extra room to store it until the right project came along for it.


  1. Thanks for reminding us! I've never been to the Round Top Antiques event. I can hardly wait!

  2. Hi Annie...I look forward to it twice a year! Don't forget that the Warrenton area starts a week before Roundtop, so it should be up and running this coming weekend. My favorite though is the Marburger Farm section which runs March 31-April 4. You can go to for their information.

  3. The armoire looks great! Excellent detailing even on the sides. It's too bad you weren't able to get the desk that you were planning to put a sink into. That would have been perfect. It's amazing what you will find in antique shows like this.

  4. I can always expect the same vendors to return year after year... with some really great pieces. Many pieces will end up in up-scale antique stores... marked up many times over! And of course you can find anything from junk to primitive to refined, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. These pieces are stunning! I cannot wait for the weekend to read more of your blog! Ax

  6. Thank You!... and I hope to catch up on some of my reading and writing this weekend...

  7. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  8. I'm planning on going to Round Top for the first time next year. Any advise? Where to stay? Can't wait! --Delores


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