Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Chintz!

OH NO!...Please, anything but the (gulp)... Chintz!

Sources kept confidential to protect the perpetrator.

I am armed and ready with my hot glue gun, a dull xacto knife, and a sharp tongue! I know you're out there watching, you panty-waisted pinkos. Show yourselves and make you known, but keep in mind that I work by appointment only.

Any prisoners taken will be given the full treatment of enhanced interrogation – you will be bound and gagged with coordinated fabrics of the non organic variety, doused with light from government issued fluorescent bulbs, surrounded by walls of amateur rendered sponge painting, and plastic flowers laced with cinnamon spice.

(Note to Washington D.C. type visitors… I’m available for travel, first class,

all expenses paid of course.)


  1. You give it to 'em, Girl! And don't worry about this post: If Pelosi reads it, she won't remember it in the morning.

  2. Thanks Annie! Apparently I have had a recent visitor from Washington and Homeland Security to my blog and to my LinkedIn profile page. Do you think that someone there is needing new drapes for their office?... sorry, I don't do chintz or jabots. Perhaps they think my color and design selections are a risk to national security! What happened to freedom of expression?!!

    Hmmm... inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Took me a while to read through the comments and the foot note to understand whose chair this is. I see we need to elect someone to the official interior designer designation.


  4. How about an Interior Design Czar... we now have 12 czars in Washington appointed by the president... and they are not accountable to anyone.


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