Saturday, January 9, 2010

`The time has come,' the Walrus said,

`To talk of many things: …

It is debatable whether or not pigs have wings or the sea is boiling hot… depending upon how you define “is”…which, if you are open to interpretation, pretty much makes it subjective rather than factual…

In my personal opinion, some things are logically better left to the objective rule…but when it comes to interior design I do appreciate a subjective interpretation when it comes to trends…

“Of shoes -- and ships -- and sealing-wax -- Of cabbages -- and kings –“

The following are a compilation of predicted color trends for 2010 that I like to think of it as a jumping off

point for one’s own creative interpretations… question is “how much of it will merely be a reflection of the looking glass and how much will lead to an original interpretation?” …Or “… whether pigs have wings.”?

This has been declared (officially or otherwise) as “the” color of the year… so if you get lost down the rabbit hole and want to find your way to “in”… well…go for it!

There is no mystery as to how some colors become more familiar than others during a season, but are rather the responsibility of a variety of color trend groups that come together for a major group think tank after making their own selections and predictions. These predictions, are showcased at Heimtextil, the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality design textiles of innovative functionality. As the first trade fair of the year, Heimtextil, which is held on four fair days in January, is a platform for manufacturers, retailers and designers.

Even though many manufacturers will have their own “words” to interpret the trend styles, there will be an obvious similarity from group to group...for instance, Sherwin-Williams Design Trends for 2010 are grouped into four palettes: Rooted, Treasured, Simplified and Refreshed.

From “Hospitality Design” Sept 14, 2009 By Alex Palmer :

Designers will be rediscovering the past for inspiration in the near future, according to Sherwin-Williams' "Colormix 2010 Color Forecast." The paint company identified four burgeoning trends in a Webinar late last week.

The first, "Rooted," embodies the rich, earthy colors associated with African, Aboriginal, and Native American cultures. Jackie Jordan, the director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, says inspiration comes from members of Ethiopian tribes who paint their bodies with green and red pigments sourced from volcanic ash, as well as weeds, grasses, and shells. The deep teal and ash gray of African wildlife and landscapes, as well as the bright designs of the locals' textiles and beads, also serves a launching point for new designs.

The second trend, "Simplified," involves well-tailored lines and clear, translucent materials that reveal shape and structure. Jordan says this is a nod to the Bauhaus style of architecture, with its absence of ornamentation and its harmony between form and function. A current example of this trend is the new Armani store in New York, which draws inspiration in its clean lines and sophistication from the city's Guggenheim Museum—a space that has made a comeback among architectural critics.

is the third trend, where natural aging and weathering enhance the design. Jordan cites the Rough Luxe Hotel in the United Kingdom, where the original layers of peeling paint and ancient wallpaper are still visible on the walls. This "less-than-perfect aesthetic" also includes the use of distressed leather, vintage tapestries, found objects, and patina.

the fourth trend, is an aesthetic of bright, energized floral colors that evoke optimism and exuberance. She emphasized the "flower power" of 1960s vintage, with a hippie spirit making a return. Lemonade yellow, crisp green, and vivacious violet are among the colors that play into this theme.

According to Jordan, the rise of these vibrant colors comes partly as a response to the challenging times and a need for something positive to balance out the stress many are facing. "It's time to take a vacation and let our cares melt away..."

(perhaps a tea party ... or simple game of lawn chess is in order...)

The most sophisticated collection guide that I have come across in my research is from Lenzing Fiber, a German company that is innovative in fiber technology. The following images are from their website which they have grouped into three color palettes as a

direction for textiles:




Color Groupings by Usage....

Based on what is in store for us, figuratively and literally, I find the color direction for 2010 to be rather safe or cautious... nothing that is jarring or edgy... Which is all well and good!

What I hope to see are spaces that stand out from the crowd because of their creative mix... which I believe is the real direction of interiors for 2010. There will certainly be trends that become predictable, but I think styles that stand out will become a lot more difficult to duplicate because of their originality ...or am I just lost in wonderland?...


  1. i see you have an award....
    i have tagged you for another.

    wonderful post !!!

  2. Wow...such a great post! Love the Lenzing grouping. The sartorial is gorgeous. I agree...people crave breaking out from the crowd of redundancy that just ineveitably seems to happen in design. For me accessories are so great...easy way to create tension, drama. Trish

  3. THanks for this great informative post. I always like to give a shot of colour into the room with accessories like Trish above - don't know if I can do the tourqouise though, well perhaps a pillow or two...
    ENjoy a fabulous week!

  4. Thank you Renee! It is an honor. This is much like deciding what to wear for "that" special rendezvous ... and deciding just how much is too much to reveal!

  5. Trouvais... I agree with you regarding the accessories

    I love the moodiness of the Sartorial grouping, and actually think that they could cross over with of the Illusion group for some interesting combination. The Terraneum group would be fun to create some ethnic designs with such as a Moroccan inspired design... or just a single color from the group with a neutral scheme.

  6. Bonjour Romance... I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of that turquoise color! The challenge would be to create a more interesting scheme with it by perhaps using an analogous color scheme, or one that is grayed down. I'm not interested in seeing a "southwestern" theme with a lot of complimentary colors!

  7. Great post. I'm a fan of the colour turquoise myself and I'm interested to see how far it will go in interiors.

  8. Sogni...thank you for stopping by and your comments. I love turquoise as well, and have had it in my own interiors or some time now ... the challenge will be in keeping it from becoming tired from overused.


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