Friday, May 28, 2010

You are invited...

One of my favorite showrooms is the Kravet Showroom in the Houston Decorative Center.  Besides having one of the best selections of fabrics, trims, and furniture lines... they have a staff that is always so helpful and welcoming.  One of the things that I appreciate about Kravet is that they always go the extra mile in presenting events that are informative, enlightening and entertaining.

For designers wanting to learn more about Social Media and how this marketing method can expand and enhance your business exposure, you will want to attend on June 1st in the Houston Showroom.   On June 2nd., they will be having the event in their Dallas Showroom.  

Social Media is constantly evolving... and it has become as necessary a tool for business as the telephone or email.   It can be a real challenge to keep up with it.  But even the smallest of steps forward can bring bigger rewards.  This event is designed to help those that want to get started... but not quite sure which way to go, or how to get there.  It will be an informal panel discussion, and should be not only informative but a great networking opportunity.

For a reservation please call 713.850.1461  ext. 303

There is so much to discover and learn... and even though I am pleased to be on the panel,  I am looking forward to hearing the opinions and advice from the other panelists.   Hope to see you there...


  1. BAD NEWS...I'M COMING!!!!HA!I want to get a couple of shots of you on the panel......xoMaryanne

  2. That is GREAT NEWS!.... be sure and get me from my good side...

  3. Thanks for visiting. Silas Durant has another entire genre of realist paintings: like elaborate tablecloths reflected in the bottom of silver bowls. Can't find any on the web. Have a big time at Kravat.

  4. Thanks Terry! ...I'm sure it will be a good time...


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