Friday, June 4, 2010

Caught My Eye...

  I've never seen an all white peacock before... all the other peacocks were of traditional coloring

I saw this gorgeous creature in a Houston neighborhood, which has apparently been inundated with the peacocks.  There is a walled off convent that backs up to the neighborhood, which is where I suspect they originally made their escape.  When they first catch your eye, you think  "oh... how beautiful!"... but as you look around... you gradually realize that they are everywhere!  On the roof tops... in the bushes... on the porches... in the street...

The situation has become a real problem for the residents of this neighborhood.  The birds attract a lot of attention, and people will drive through and feed them... which escalates the population and the problem....  Don't Feed the Birds!

Here are a few items that caught my eye while out browsing some shops in Houston, all of these pieces came from the "Antiques Pavilion" on Westheimer Blvd....

Grey painted French chest

X-stretcher based draw leaf table... which I thought was a bargain at $550

Altar Table

The following were some interesting wall selections...

Two paintings by well known Houston artist Herb Mears

Painting by another well known Houston artist David Adickes

You most likely have seen David's large scale public sculpture's around Houston.  I have always enjoyed his paintings of his elongated figures and his bright color palette.

A painting by artist William Whitaker

I think his work is exquisite!  You can see more of his work at his web site here.

A lovely sepia drawing, sorry I didn't get the artists name.

What has caught your eye recently?


  1. Wow! The peacock was amazing.... but I am in love with David Adickes.... His work definitely caught my eye! ( the right one ) Great post!Maryanne xo

  2. David Adickes is quite an artist! Have you seen his monolithic sculptures of the presidents heads and busts?


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