Monday, July 5, 2010

Round Top... a Small Texas Town...

...With a Huge American Spirit!!!

Most of you recognize Round Top from the spring and fall antique shows that they are so well known for...

so it probably comes as no surprise that this same small town that welcomes thousands of buyers, sellers, interior designers and "just looking-ers" each year would also be showing their colors, out of pride and respect, on our country's birthday!

I was driving through Round Top this morning on the way to meet with a client when I saw all the decorations... so on the way back I took the time to take some photos so that I could share them with you...

The streets were quiet this morning, except for a few visitors...which added to the nostalgia.  And even though these photos look like they could have been taken a hundred years ago... I doubt that the patriotism of this town's people will ever be a thing of the past... 


  1. What a wonderful 4th! Thanks for being there and taking such nostalgic photos. I know where I'll be next year to celebrate.

  2. I love these photos. I have not driven through Round Top during a quiet time in many years, but I remember when I did. It is easier to see the beauty and quaintness of the town when it is not so full of people and activity.Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks like such a lovely town, i just love all the red white and blue flags and decorations, so festive

  4. This was fun... I remember when we moved here from California.... The first weekend we were in Houston we were invited to spend July 4th in the country in Greenvine. (not far from Round Top) On the morning after we arrived we discovered we were #8 in the Parade!!!! Riding in a vintage Mustane convertible and our hostess bought red cowboy hats for us to wear...Since then we have many friends and clients from this wonderful community...Maryanne xo

  5. I loved going to Round Top last year. I wish I could go this year!


  6. Thanks to all for stopping by... I am already looking forward to the fall antique show in Round Top... and hopefully some cooler weather!

    For those of you that can make it this year, let's plan ahead to get together...


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