Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Staying on Track...

Some things endure the test of time because they are practical and utilitarian… and sometimes those things create a fascination because of their simplicity and practicality. Such is the case with sliding barn doors…

Several years ago, I lived in Massachusetts and one of the things that I really loved about the 150+ year old farm house property that we bought was the three level barn ...and its massive sliding doors...one in the front and one on the lower level on the back side.  Every time I used my strength to push open those doors I felt respect and a part of its history.  That impression has stayed in my memory… as well as the desire to use it as a design element in an interior.

A couple of years ago I did a project for a complete office renovation for a building that the interiors had been destroyed by fire.  I had the opportunity to include some “sliding barn doors” into one of the offices for a storage closet.  Back then, the higher end hardware was not as available as it is now, and was (and still is) pricey compared to hardware that is available through suppliers for farm and ranch needs.  What I purchased for the project came from a ranch supplier, in a choice of raw steel… or raw steel… so I had it painted in a dark bronze.

 T. Symington & Co. Interiors

I love the look and the possibilities for their use.  When I get the opportunity, I will make use of their style and strong character again.  

According to what is hot at the Las Vegas market that was recently held… “Rough Luxe” and “Farmhouse Chic” are strong looks for the upcoming season.  Not that I’m complaining, because I have been incorporating elements from both of those styles into my interiors for years … but I don’t see that it is anything “new” or surprising, since it is also a current style that we bloggers have been discussing for quite some time now.

Anyway, the sliding barn doors are certainly an element that can add a lot of character to just about any interior… including  “Rough Luxe” and “Farmhouse Chic”.  In fact, some not so typical elements are needed in order to keep the styles from looking worn out and unoriginal.

Here are some great examples that I wanted to share with you…

  Image Daryl Carter

 Image Brooklyn Home Company

 Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker




 Max Levy Architect

 Greene Partners

 Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker

 Feldman Architecture

Barbara Bestor Architect


  1. how clever and beautiful! I love those barn doors. I wish I could incorporate it in my house.


  2. That first image is beautiful!! Fun post and makes me wonder where I can fit one into the new house...hummmmm.

  3. Gosh Darn,
    I could have done that in my Interior Design office, I had sliding bookcases and he put them on wheels, they were easy to slide even with all the carpet books. Love that Idea. We had the slider doors on our barn in Maine. Heavy is right. Bet thats why I need a new shoulder. LOL


  4. Just did sliding shutter/doors like these between my kitchen and back mudroom area. They turned out to be one of my very favorite things in my new house.

  5. Thank you to all for visiting! I am just getting back and catching up from a wonderful time that I got to spend with all three of my kids...

    Mona... I would love to see a photo of your barn doors!

    Yvonne... maybe that is why I have shoulder problems sometimes!... the new hardware is more user friendly, plus interior doors are a lot lighter!

    Melissa... you are probably at a good stage to work some into your design of your new home!

  6. Beautiful and interesting post - some colourful examples of great hardware.

  7. Thank you Virginia Blue... and thank you for visiting.

    I love the images you have on your blog... especially the Winter Wonderland umbrellas!


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