Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Space

White space, often referred to as negative space, is the untouched portion between objects.
It is an important element of design which enables objects to exist… the balance between positive and the use of negative spaces is essential to composition. 

In design, I like to start with a clean canvas.  During the process of adding in elements, a space will sometimes take on more than it needs, so it is necessary to eliminate or take away all that is not useful or necessary until a design can stand on its own.  

Just as in design, I find it essential to seek the white space…in my life… for it is in this space that I can relocate my balance, focus and direction.  It helps give me clarity to what is important in my life and what needs to be eliminated.

Like most designers, I am always seeking new ideas, researching new products, reading all the wonderful blogs with all the most recent in trends and opinions, working with clients I love and wishing I hadn’t wasted time on others and dealing with life in general… eventually… there is just too much.  And just like in design… I find it necessary to peel away the layers of unnecessary elements that keep me from being my best.  

Have you found your white space?

(Photo from Booka Shades - In White Rooms)


  1. Ah yes. It is comforting to see. Wrap around it and design begins to become clear.
    Happy Holidays...

  2. At 73 I certainly have, I studied that in art school and I am still making room and finding a vacant spot for area's of my life..still moving furniture too. HaHa
    Have a great New Year
    and stop over some time

  3. Happy New Year All!

    I am still residing in my white space, enjoying the holidays. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

    I am realigning myself for the new year and looking forward to conversing with all you wonderful bloggers out there... I have a lot of reading already to catch up on...

  4. Hi Terri!
    Belated Happy Holidays, I am in catching up mode too after a busy year. Hope you have a great 2011! Maryanne :)

  5. Happy New Year Maryanne!

    I hope you and Peter had a great holiday. It was busy around here with family and all... but couldn't have been better with all of the kids here together!

    See you soon!

  6. Happy New Year, Terri. Reading your post, along with that perfect accompanying photo, has given me a slice of white space...very calming. Thanks!

  7. Hi Annie and Happy New Year to you too! Right now I could use a little more warmth to go along with the white space...


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