Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Your World...

Commitment:  Fresh flowers and a painting with bright vivid colors for a
neutral colored breakfast nook
via Terri Symington

Commitment: Fresh Flowers, a can of paint & a fabric remnant for wall art...
 via Suzanne Kasler

With a well thought-out and executed neutral design plan…  Wonderful designs go from Beautiful to Fabulous with the discriminating use of color…

How many times have you heard the words   “Keep it Neutral… and add color with elements that can easily be changed”?

Those are words that I certainly offer my clients… especially those that are unsure of color or who do not want to make design choices that commits them to a substantial investment that they may not want to live with long term if they tire of the colors or patterns.

 Commitment: 7 yards of fabric and some fresh flowers
via Lisa Caldwell Flake

Well placed color can be the perfect counter-balance to a neutral color scheme…

via Dransfield and Ross

via Amy Morris


via Mary Douglas Drysdale

Now…Try to picture all those spaces in your mind without the addition of color…

Subtlety can have as much affect as that of boldness…

And now… try to picture in your mind how the following Beautiful interiors would take on a whole different character with the addition of a little color… 

via Greige

As is... these are Stunning compositions… a simple addition of fresh flowers, subtle or bold in color, would be equally stunning…

via Anouska Hempel

Because… sometimes you really need to color your world…


  1. Clever and thoughtful post! You really make your point with the right images to back up your theory! By the time I was getting down to the neutrals, I was feeling sad ~ had to scroll back up to the happy bright colours again.

  2. I love the marble shower and tub with mirror behind it...


  3. Agree. A little color goes a long way. After all, life is colorful!

  4. It's all personal preference darling... To color or not to color that is the question.... great images that back up yout point. Maryanne xo

  5. Beautiful post! I am one of those that loves to look at all white or neutral interiors, but I have to inject color for myself! I love your design on top - fabulous!

  6. I like your interior design. :)

  7. Oh!! what's a nice blog!!beautiful, nice, so nice...kisses from spain


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