Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unjust Opulence

No... this isn't a commentary on the new Bravo series of "Million Dollar Decorators". 

To the contrary, it is fabulous that there are projects of the caliber being featured in this new program still being contracted... especially since the overall interior design industry has taken a financial hit these past couple of years.

The photos pictured here (I don't know where they originated from)  were sent to me in one of those circulating emails that I usually hate getting and just toss... but since it was related to design... I decided to give it a look.  This estate is obviously owned by someone who has great wealth, exceeding even those in the "Million Dollar Decorators" client files.  Obviously owned by someone who clearly likes to impress, even though few people would likely want to live with this level of formality... unless you have a desire to live in a museum or theatrical set. 

Do you have any idea who owns this estate?

Going back to the comment regarding our current economy and how it has affected the design industry... (just like all other industries in our country)... 

and never mind that you may not be living at the standard that you had been accustomed to... and in-spite of any hardships our country is experiencing...

you wouldn't begrudge this estate owner some assistance in maintaining this lifestyle now would you?  

I mean... surely you can appreciate that it took a lot of money to create this lap of luxury... and that it takes quite a bit of money to keep it up!

Never mind that there is 50% unemployment where this estate is and the average life expectancy is 42 years of age because of illness and starvation.

Obviously... the people in this area don't have the funds to help this owner maintain such a lavish lifestyle... so, surely you don't mind that some of your tax dollars are being "redistributed" to help the owner out?   The funds are obviously not being used to help the people of this country...

but never mind that!

I'm sure the owner of this estate prioritizes and puts any monetary assistance to its best use... for his own personal needs...

Are you curious as to who this connoisseur of fine living is?

Its the monster on the left..(as apposed to the monster on the right)

The President of Zimbabwe  - Robert Mugabe

"This is the man Obama wants us to give our money to as he pushes for world redistribution of wealth!"
 (Be careful what you "hope" for!))

As an interesting side note:  Mugabe is into redistribution as well... in his effort to take away land from the white farmers.

"Mugabe has unleashed thousands of purported "war veterans" against Zimbabwe's 4,500 white farmers....He has labeled the farmers "enemies of the people" and has turned a blind eye while the occupiers execute white landowners, rape women..."

And there are plenty of other similar situations that we should be outraged over.

I don't know about you... but I think it is time for real change... starting with how our own government chooses to spend our money!


  1. T...ONLY someone from one of these dictatorships would live in something like this hideousness. Zimbabwe's inflation rate is about 3000%...I quote,
    "The new 100 trillion dollar bill would be worth about $300 in U.S. currency. A loaf of bread in Zimbabwe now costs about 300 billion Zimbabwean dollars -- and like most commodities, the price increases every day." The rest of the USA makes fun of us conservative Texans when we deride the utter ineffectiveness of King Obama. He was voted in by people who only just reached the voting age & illegals with ill-gotten credentials (how easy this is shocked me). Congratulations to you for having the courage to post this important information. I completely agree. Oh, btw, one of my daughter's girlfriends is married to an Australian gentleman whose family had property in Zimbabwe for generations. They were forced to turn all their land into a B&B a few years ago in order to keep it. By now they may have given up and moved out of Africa all together, leaving the family heritage and fortune behind. Big kudos, ladybug. xx's

  2. Mugabe should be ashamed of himself. But to even imply that President Obama is somehow supporting this excess is unworthy. I voted for Obama in 2008 and will do so again in 2012. And I am neither someone who has just reached the voting age or an "illegal". Far from it, and believe me, no one, NO ONE gets elected President because he/she is voted in by kids or immigrants.

    I have just cancelled my subscription to this blog.

  3. Thanks Marsha. I know this will infuriate many people... but only if they do not know or refuse to understand what is really going on.

  4. Antoni,

    I am not implying... but rather stating quite boldly what I know to be true. Obama has been quite up front in his desire to redistribute wealth from our country to that of others with the intent of bringing us down to a lower level. He also knows that when we send foreign aid to corrupt countries that the people needing the help are not receiving it, but that the money goes to the lavish lifestyles of the dominant forces... or in many cases used against our own soldiers.

    You are also in error regarding the fraud that is involved in presidential elections.

  5. Not sure where to start. Fraud in Presidential elections. There are many thinking people who thought that Bush v Gore in 2000 was a prime example of fraud. Redistrbution of wealth. Again, there are many, many thinking people (like Nobel prize winners in Economics), not just liberals, who are very concerned about the rising gap between the rich and the poor in this country. Even under the Republicans in the 1950's the rich were much more heavily taxed then they are now and the gap between the top and the bottom was considerably smaller. Real incomes, except for the highest, have been steady since the 1960's. See the Big Picture for the graphs on that.

    Tragically, we have a long history of supporting dictators; both Democrats and Republicans alike. Think about El Salvador, Honduras, Mubarek in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Saddam Hussein (who we supported with arms for years), the Taliban for heavens sake. See Charlie Wilson's War for more on the latter. We ALL have a lot to answer for.

  6. Antonia, I agree... As Americans we need to be concerned with all of our leadership on both sides of the isle ... politicians loose sight of who they are working for and who they need to be accountable to.

  7. I am hoping the American people have woken up! Thanks for your comments! Jennifer

  8. WOW! I just found your blog and I was blown away with this post...WELL DONE!!
    You should send this to a national newspaper :)
    ♥ Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  9. I love this blog. You've blended design and politics quite nicely (oddly, both are my chosen profession).

    I'm certain there are those that are irritated that you brought to task two corrupt governments for redistributing wealth. But I can't imagine that the worst thing in the world is offending someone's feelings, or, God forbid, making a "controversial" remark and then standing by your words. Kudos.

  10. Hello Cara and Anonymous and thank you for your comments. In fact, I appreciate comments of all views because I think it is an important discussion that affects all aspects of our lives... including interior design.

    I think it also comes as a relief to many to understand that not all interior designers are politically correct or have their heads in the clouds. I guarantee... even designers who have a list of wealthier clients are suffering and worrying about what is going on. Some are just too PC to admit the truth.

  11. Quite a sad commentary on the politics in our own country.
    Jamie Herzlinger


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