Sunday, July 10, 2011

Design without borders... ?

Seeing new works by the design master John Saladino is always a welcomed treat.  You can look at a photo of his designs and identify it as his without even reading the credits.  His style of romanticism and classicism is enduring and has little regard for trends.  If anything, trend setters and copiers have tried to emulate and capture the essence that he creates in his designs.

When I studied the photos of the latest work of Mr. Saladino in the current issue of Veranda... I was caught a little off center when I observed the painted or wall papered border in the photos of the client's living room.  It looks to me to be a papered border, but it is not always easy to tell from a photo, and I could not find any comments in the article regarding the image.  What first came to my mind when I saw the border is that the use of the this particular decoration seems contrary to Mr. Saladino's style.  He is known for his editing and most of the decorative elements that he uses are usually not so literal when it comes to faux finishes.  The second thing that came to my mind is that I am pretty sure that Mr. Saladino would choose to use a design element regardless of it being a trend or not... simply because he is not a trend follower.

So... the question in my mind is this... "Will this resurrect the use of the wall paper borders?... I certainly hope not!"

After many years of being out of fashion we saw the return of wall papers.  I personally love wall papers in the appropriate application and if they are of quality.  Given those two requirements, that usually eliminates the use of them in most projects.  However papered borders, for me, require different considerations... of which there is none.  Can't stand them... never have, never will...

As far as the images in Mr. Saladino's  photos... I think I would have preferred to see perhaps just a band of color which could have been sanded or scraped back to give the impression of an aged fresco.

What do you think about Mr. Saladino's border?  Are you ready to see the return of the application of papered borders?


  1. Terri I agree, but I think there have been so many hideous wallpaper borders in the past that maybe we should give them another look. I didn't get the detail I haven't even gotten a chance to read Veranda. But wallpaper is coming back.........Maybe the client wanted the border..... You never know......Maryanne ;)

  2. The same thought occurred to me that it may have been the client's desire to have the border... especially since Mr. Saladino made the comment "Let's just say I calmed down some of the more exuberant embellishments." And again, I can't tell from the photo if it is an application or painted on.

    My fear of giving the wall paper borders another chance is that we will be looking again at some dreadful designs. And then there will be those that have never gotten rid of them the first time around and they will think that they are fashionable. When I visit a first time client in a home interview and see those borders... the first thing I want to do is rip them off the walls!

  3. Egads, in this beautiful room I cannot imagine "wallpaper borders." Maybe it's some kind of handpainted detail? I agree, Mr. Saladino is not the type of designer who would go in this direction as he is so insistent upon "real" finishes for most of his work. Nevertheless, this room is beautiful X10! xx's

  4. The border is a perfect compliment to the aged look of the mirror. Whether it is wallpaper or intricately shaded crown molding (perhaps with a trompe l'oeil rope or ruffle), I can't tell. Would love to see it in person. I agree that the wallpaper borders I have seen have been terrible, but who know what technology will come up with in the future.

  5. Hello Beryl... I agree that the colors balance with the tones of the mirror... but personally I see it as too literal of an interpretation for the effect achieved. And typically Mr. Saladino's use of decoration is much more subtle. From looking at the photos directly in the magazine, the border looks much too flat to be real crown molding. I think it may have been a compromise to suit what the client wanted.

  6. My guess is this is hand painted, as knowing his work and too, a fan, I cannot imagine that this would be paper, especially given the setting
    I do think the return of borders will be eminent but more in a romantic eclectic setting, not ones that are as composed as these
    Good post,
    Kind regards
    Jamie Herzlinger

  7. HI Terri, I have always loathed most borders, just so very affected and superfluous to good clean design..but Saladino, hmmm, must take second look!



  8. Hi Kit, You are right about Saladino... he can get it right... or get by with it... but my fear is that it will open a can of worms and become a trend again... done poorly like before...

  9. Hi Terri, I adore Saladino's work. It is so luscious. Borders I can so without. Much rather a gorgeous molding, a faux painted design, yes.

    Art by Karena

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  10. No need to provide wall paper borders in this room. It looks perfect even without it.


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