Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rounding Up Treasures at Round Top...

The Fall Round Top Antiques Show has wrapped up as another successful shopping adventure!

During the Spring show Carol, my client, and I were focusing on furniture selections and large pieces; while, this trip we focused on accents and accessories.  Marburger is my favorite show in Round Top to shop, followed up by Blue Hills and Excess... you just have to use a discriminating eye and an open mind, know what you are looking for and know who the vendors that are best suited to your tastes are in order to make the most of your shopping time.

Below I have pictured just a few of the wonderful pieces that we bought for Carol's new home that is still under construction... but nearing completion.

Wood Carved Santos from Angie Tyner

An Italian architectural fragment that has a nine pound crystal mounted on top and encrusted with fossil shells... a real work of art!

A gilded carved wood architectural Gothic arch

 An amazing pair of wood carved hands...!

Blue and white French mosaic planters

It is very smart to plan ahead for these shows and it is wise to take advantage of the early shopping sessions that are offered.  If you would like any shopping assistance for future shows you can contact me to make arrangements.


  1. That crystal looks like Rose's beautiful, Terri. You've found some wonderful things. xx's

  2. Thanks Marsha. I'm sure you could make some beautiful jewelry pieces from that crystal...!

  3. Good work Teri!! wonderful, unique things you scored..



  4. Thanks Kit... I am anxious to get the client's house finished built so that we can install all the great pieces that we have been collecting.


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