Monday, August 17, 2009

“Photographs are an illusion…

which we try to recreate into our own realities”
~ T. Symington

We clip them, we scan them, we file them, and we share them. We return to them over and over again, to relive the feelings that they stir within us… desire, lust, yearning… if I could only have a room like that! We imagine what life must be like in those rooms… so perfectly composed!

Some of the most interesting interiors appear as backdrops or settings for photo shoots. Usually in these photos you get just enough of a view of the room that it leaves you wanting to see the rest of the space; and what you can’t see, your mind fills in for you. We are so excellent at adding to the illusion.

Many of the interior locations that you see in print and film are registered for photo shoots, (in fact, if you don’t mind the intrusion, you can even register you own private spaces to be rented out). Frequently fashion or high end products are the main focus in these photo shoots, only to be an obstruction for the object of our true interest… the interior.

I think what I liked most about the spaces from this one particular agency that I came across is that the interiors are more about natural light, shadows, forms, and textures…and very neutral. This is what an art director often looks for, so that the product doesn’t have to compete with its surroundings, but creates an interesting juxtaposition and contrast. This agency had a mix of property locations, beach, industrial, Victorian, farmhouse, etc…

The following photographs are from a large period house in west London that they have registered. The space suffered a fire a few years ago on the second floor that was left in its charred state to provide a unique backdrop to the photographs.


  1. This is an absolutely lovely post! How did you know I was obsessed with all white spaces? ;)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thank you Annie! Life is good at (uh-hum) 45! (fingers crossed)

  3. I just have no idea where I am - House sent me. Your blog is beautiful. Well done. Looking forward to reading along with you!


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