Saturday, October 10, 2009

"ALL THE BEST" contest....

My entry project with the custom Kravet bed in a wonderful Belgian linen on
a pearl grey sisal area rug. The chandelier is a combination of brass and crystal, and the silver and gold tone combination is repeated throughout the room...
most obvious in the mirrored night stands and the round side table.

Recently Ronda Carman of "All the Best" sponsored on her blog a bedroom competition which I had the fun of entering.

There were some wonderful entries in a wide range of styles from all over the world, and anyone of them could easily have won.

I want to thank Ronda and all the judges... Michael Devine, Amanda Nisbet, Todd Alexander Romano, Nathan Turner, Kelly Wearstler, and Vicente Wolf, that took the time to review all the entries... that is quite a line up!

Custom window treatments are in silks from Kravet... with silk covered buttons on
the pinch pleats. The bedroom overlooks Lake Austin, which you can see through the french doors... what a fabulous way to wake-up and to go to sleep each night!

Most importantly, I would like to thank my fabulous client that allowed me to put on display to the world her private space that we had just completed. Even though I didn't win on the blog contest, I know the room was a winner when my client commented "I like my room better than any of these, it is timeless and elegant."... after all, the client is the most important person to please when hired to re-design their personal spaces. So again, many thanks to my wonderful client for allowing me to transform her space and hopefully make her life that much better!

A custom designed storage unit was built to replace the original shelving.

The fireplace is open on the other side to the master bathroom.
The columnar light fixture repeats the shape of the candles.

A custom upholstered Baker chair in linen. The companion ottoman was footed, but I had Baker add the waterfall skirt to soften the space and make it less "leggy".

Les rêves bons, du soir et doux !


  1. Absolutely beautiful room! I didn't see the other entries but this is elegant and welcoming and very NOW. I liked the vertical lighting piece as well as the chandelier....Now I know that you've been designing while you're not blogging.....Welcome back!

  2. Thanks Maryanne,

    I'm glad that you like this room. You're right, I have neglected my writing because of various projects. In fact, I just got back from New Mexico for a project out there... which I ended up missing Round Top over... I started out very excited about it, but the charm is beginning to wear off. I tell you more about it later!

    I need to go back through all the blogs that covered Round Top to get my fix!

  3. Your room is so inviting and chic. I love the soothing colors shot with the glitter of the lighting and the mirrored side table.

  4. Thank you Annie,

    The color scheme is very subtle shades of greys, creams and taupe so that the client could easily change her accent colors whenever desired. There is a lot of textural variations that you don't get from the photographs ... via my own Casio.

  5. I like this room so much it hurts. The colors are so soothing and I love the use of linen and sisal. You are very talented and your client has such a gorgeous room to live in!

  6. Hi Teri. Absolutely beautiful bedroom...beautiful neutrals and wonderful screen. Love the oval mirrors on either side behind the lamp, the unfussy but lavish ball room drapes (hate valances), Niermann Weeks chandelier? Trish

  7. I appreciate the kind comments very much!

    Madame... I wish the photos could pick up the nuances better so that you could see the textures and shades of color clearer.

    Trouvais... I too prefer the simpler styled window treatments. The fixture is not a N. Weeks, but it does look similar to some of theirs, doesn't it? I love the simple elegance of it.

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  8. i love your room and am so glad to see all of it = it is beautiful!!!! good job!

    as for Charlotte Moss, actually she wanted to cancel the whole interview and did - she was too busy, but we didn't get the message until too late ao she agreed to go ahead and do it. she really didn't do it to publicize anything - in fact she had nothing to publicize. she really was that nice. so glad you listened!!!

  9. Thank you Joni... that is very kind.

    That is refreshing to hear that about Charlotte Moss... she is certainly to be admired and respected.

  10. This bedroom is superb and I can understand why your client loves it so much...xv

  11. Thank you Vicki... I appreciate your comments!


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