Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Beauty of Branches - Part ll…

“To me, sophistication is a perfect marriage between

intelligence and simplicity.”

~ Rose Tarlow ~

One of the characteristics of country life is being frugal, and I think most people agree that being frugal is intelligent… So, if being frugal is intelligent… and if the dichotomy of nature through all its intelligence and complexity is the ultimate model for simplicity and form… then certainly the combination could be appreciated for its sophistication!

As a follow-up to my previous post on “The Beauty of Branches” and to make good on my threat to get out my loppers…I have composed the following snippets from my gatherings…

It all started here last weekend…with the greatly appreciated help from the generosity of the helping hands and strong backs, during my fall clearing and clean-up on my property…

My lovely daughter on her fiancé’s tractor that he so kindly brought along for

a final grass cutting of the season … plus, the front-end loader on it was a bonus for hauling tree trimmings to the burn pile.

One of several burn piles… where I gathered some of my clippings… and which will soon become a warm gathering spot for a birthday bonfire…

Looking out the window, toward the side of the property near the pond, from where I sit and write my blogs….

A close-up of the moss and lichen from one of the trimmed branches that was in decline…

how amazing are those colors and textures!?

Mistletoe… also found in the declining branches of trees (and which will actually kill your trees) is mixed with clippings from a cedar tree.

More clippings from the cedar tree with its silvery-blue berries.

In the vignettes below... I like how the birds in the paintings seem as though they are sitting

upon the textured branches…

Moss and lichen covered branches in an urn...

Branches with seashells…

I hope you have enjoyed my musings...


  1. I love the mistletoe and the lichen covered branches. I too love the simplicity of branches in vases. I was out this afternoon cutting clippings from my Magnolia Tree. They will look nice in a vase and layered with cedar garland. Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog. I'm off to read more.....--Delores

  2. Nice tractor! Fall cleanup is still underway at Garvinweasel... I'll try to post some pics soon, yours are lovely.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Terri, in such a pure, uncontrived way.

    I have a tiny request for a Christmas post I want to do and would like you to participate. I want to keep it "off-the-record" for the moment until it is "unwrapped". If you would be so kind as to e-mail me at tishjett@yahoo.com I'll explain all.

    Merci par avance.

    Warmest regards,

  4. Branches are so beautiful ! I love to place them in vases summer and winter!
    Beautiful pictures even from your daughter!


  5. Wonderful. I passed up the $60 garlands at the flea market because I knew my yard yield its own treasure. But we don't have mistletoe! You are so lucky! Funny how every negative has a positive lurking behind it. Side business? Trish

  6. Gotta' love a girl who loves a boy with a brand new tractor! Today is our first real snow storm and my bare trees twinkle. I always cross my fingers that no damage will be done, but it is a beautiful sight to behold. Happy holidays.

  7. Bonjour!
    How wonderful that everyone came to help. The mistletoe is so romantic, and of course it is my favorite - I'm so predictable. And yes, I enjoyed all your 'musings'
    Have a great week!

  8. OOOH! that picture of the moss in those branches, pecan? We are so lucky to have that stuff lying around here and if you know how to use it....Look how elegant it can be!And you obviously know how to use it!

  9. Oh your branches are lovely. Beautiful pictures from your clean up and I adore your view and the open space. Ax

  10. A charming blog with a most clever name. I love it here and will be sure to call from time to time.
    Warm regards,


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