Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Beauty of Branches…

There is a quiet beauty in branches… often overlooked and under appreciated during the grey days of winter. Against the horizon the branches form lovely patterns of lace. But if you take them at face value what you get is their sculptural quality and the simplicity of their form. In an interior space they create a very distinct statement, requiring little help or explanation. They can fill a large volume of space without completely dominating it by delineating the negative spaces within.

A sculptural arrangement by Chicago Interior Designer Michael del Piero

Entry of the 2009 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Christmas House via Things That Inspire

Bare wintry branches giving way to spring’s blossoms is a welcome sight, especially early on when the buds are forced.

Southern Accents - photo Tria Giovan

Martha Stewart

For centuries the beauty of branches has been captured in chinoiserie style wall papers giving style and character to the spaces they adorn. The following four interiors have been transformed into extraordinary spaces because of the wall features.

Hand painted DeGourney wall papers

Above three interiors by Style Redux on a beautiful blog she did on Chinoiserie wall papers by De Gourney

Bathroom images via

Furnishings and fixtures
double as art and utilitarian objects...

Branch-Console_467 www.westernartandarchitecture

Bird Nest In Trees Canopy Bed - Shawn Lovell Metalworks

Handrail by Shawn Lovell Metalworks

image via Belgian Pearls

A beautiful gilded free-form looking branch chandelier

Songbirds Mirror by Carol Canner (hand painted) from Carvers Guild

Hmmm… I think it is time to get the loppers out and head out to my woods.


  1. Beautiful post!! A lot of inspirational pictures!

    Thank you for including me in this post!!

  2. Adore the natural beauty of branches. If you're coming to the UK, there's a beautiful hotel called Driftwood, by the sea in Cornwall - where most of the furnishings and accessories are made from driftwood.

  3. Great examples of natural branches in decorating. I saw a photo last winter of a large vase filled with branches, and Christmas cards tied to them with beautiful ribbon.

    That's what we are going to do with the cars we receive this year.

  4. Thank you Greet... and thanks for your great posts!

    Susan... that looks like a wonderful place to stay... the driftwood theme is perfect.

    Fiona... that is a really good idea for cards!

    I had some tall birch tree trunks that I brought to Texas with me when I moved from New England, and I would wrap them with the white lights and I grouped them together in a corner (my ceilings are 11 feet) It looked great... but they finally gave out.

  5. Gorgeous, and very elegant in their simplicity. The pictures of the winter ones are calming to me. ( and belivie me Now I need calm..)Beautiful post Terri. Maryanne

  6. Hi Terri. Love branches...nature always knows what she's doing. I collect the mossy branches that fall from our oak trees. Love placing them over mirrors or atop cabinets occasionally. My post today has boughs used as a canopy over a bed. So dreamy. Thank you, Trish

  7. Thank you for these great pictures and ideas. I recently brought in some live branches with red berries, and have sometimes use larger branches as curtain rods.

    Thanks also for your comment on the interview with Greet today!

    Bon week-end!!

  8. Maryanne... take slow deep breaths and call me in the morning!

    Trish... I love the moss covered branches as well... too bad it isn't good for the trees

    James... I miss having all the wonderful bittersweet vines and birch trees that I had up in Massachusetts to decorate with. We have the youpon bushes with the red berries here in Texas that are pretty... but the berries drop everywhere!

  9. It is me again! I really want to thank you for your nice comment on my interview on the Garvinweasel blog!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  10. Oh yes! I am getting my loppers out too! Great inspiration! I have some branches I temporarily put in our kitchen chandy last year. They are still there!

  11. Hi, great branches decor. I´m impressed by your profile, you must be a very busy and interesting woman. Thank you very much for your visit and lovely comment.
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  12. Greet... you are sooo welcome!

    Linda... looks like most of your branches will still have a lot of green on them... being that you are in Florida...

    Maria... thank you so much...I LOVE your roses! I want to come visit your garden...

  13. Your blog is so pretty! The branch decor looks great! I just found you via a comment of yours on Bonjour Madame's blog. Can't wait to see your other posts and follow along!
    Bonnie at Love Your Place :)

  14. Bonnie... I'm so glad you visited and thank you for your kind comments. I will be by to visit your blog.

  15. Your blog is so gorgeous, I am thrilled we've found each other. I agree with you about branches, they can be, as you've so perfectly illustrated, beyond beautiful. It seems to me we don't use them enough in decoration.

    I absolutely love your approach to interior design -- elegant without being sterile; no easy feat I think.


  16. An absolutely stunning post. So many wonderful ideas. Thanks for the mention too!

  17. super fabulous photo choices! i call branches "skeletons" because they're like the bones that are hidden until winter....lovely.

  18. Tish... thank you!... I adore all the wonderful bloggers, such as yourself, that I have met!

    If I were a tree falling in the forest, what difference would it make if I made a sound... if no one was there to hear...

    Beth... so glad you visited... the De Gourney wall papers from your blog are stunning!

    Janean... I love your analogy. Where I lived in MA, one would not even know they had neighbors until all the leaves fell!

  19. i adore branches and this post is incredible... the pot in the 1st pic is so fabulous.... i almost purchased one a year ago and thought... where in the world where it live?? have regretted it ever since... on the hunt again... happy decorating... x pam

  20. Just found your blog via Love Your Place. Lovely post! Decorating with branches can be very elegant with the right touch, as shown in these potos! I'll be following along and will be back soon.

  21. Pam... that pot is indeed fabulous! You may want to check out Ms. del Piero's website... she has a very nice design style.

    BonjourRomance... I'm so glad you found me! It is amazing the number of really well done blogs that are out there... I could use a few extra hours in each day to really appreciate them all! I will be by to visit your blog...

  22. Hi! Found you at Trouvais.....really enjoyed your post on branches ... I also talked about the beauty (and affordability!) of branches on my blog which I hope you'll enjoy as well........ Thanks! Robin


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