Saturday, May 22, 2010

Calling all bloggers…

Do you remember the feelings you experienced when you first engaged in the social media mania of blogging (or Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) ?... well, perhaps mania is a bit extreme…but, not by much… 

ma·ni·a (mā'nē-ə, mān'yə)
1.      An excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire; a craze: a mania for neatness.
2.      Psychiatry  A manifestation of bipolar disorder, characterized by profuse and rapidly changing ideas, exaggerated sexuality (well… I don’t know this to be true, and I won’t hold my breath), gaiety, or irritability, and decreased sleep.
3.      Violent abnormal behavior. See Synonyms at insanity.

For me, not only was it an exciting new endeavor, but it also generated a mixture of thoughts and feelings ranging from “what the heck am I doing entering into the Twilight Zone” to “ok… this will be a piece of cake”… neither of which are based in reality.  As we all know, it takes a great deal of time, self control and endurance to: first of all… figure out how to set up a blog, Facebook, or twitter account… and then secondly, to stay the course.  Some bloggers have far more time and endurance than others…and their rewards are indicated in numbers.  

What is my point?...

cordially invites you
to a special presentation of   

Social Media

I have been invited by Kravet to be part of a panel discussion on Social Media networking.  They are traveling across the country to various showrooms and are engaging local designers that are involved in social media networking to discuss the effects and benefits in relation to their interior design businesses.  It is intended to help other designers who are still “living on the other side” to get a clearer understanding of the process for making the transition.

My first thoughts were “this is something that I won’t even need to prepare for”… but, then I began to think back on all those initial thoughts and fears of when I first began blogging… and all the questions that I didn’t even know to ask.    If only I had had a media mentor to hold my hand through the process. 

What I would appreciate from all of you other bloggers that would like to offer some advice… is to think of one thing that, as a newbie, you would have loved for someone to tell you that would have made your startup into the unknown less difficult or fearful.

Additionally, if your social media networking is part of your business marketing… I would love for you to include what you have experienced in the way of benefits or any issues that you would recommend avoiding.

Thanks to all of you that care to comment.  I know that the unconditional support from being a part of the blogging community is one of the greatest benefits of all!!!! 

By the way...

When you get a chance, check out the blog "Stines Blogg... Vintage Chic"

by a young Norweigen student studying for a bachelor's degree in journalism with art and design as a specialty.  There is translator on her site... but her photos speak for themselves.   


  1. Congratulations Terri!
    They picked the perfect person to do this!!!!
    I know when I started you helped me and I guess I didn't realize the time it would take, the logistics were challenging, and I didn't realize I would make some incredible new friends who lend support give kudos when I post. I think there are the what I call "professional" bloggers and there are those who do either to enhance their business or as a hobby. I think we all do the best we can with the time we have. I think it is easy to get caught up in the catching up....Let me know when you make your do this....Maryannexo

  2. Thanks Maryanne! How could I have passed up an afternoon of wine, blogger techno challenges, and the latest industry gab and gossip? ...And now you are quite the blogger extraordinaire... amazing what a little wine can do!

  3. Congrats Terri.. That is great..
    I am going ot craft you a little email.. I tend to run on...


  4. Can I think about this for a bit, then I promise to return with succinct comments. I think this is wonderful of Kravat to explore the internet world in this way. Marsha

  5. Vie and Marsha... thanks! I look forward to your comments...

  6. Hi Terri - Thanks so much for your visit to hill country house. No, the Bertoia chairs were not for sale. I asked! There were two of them (white - don't know if they are the same as the ones in the photos) on the back patio with two fabulous sofas and I went straight to them!

    Your new adventure sounds fun and educational - I am one who blogs for fun so I am not sure I have valuable input. Good luck, though, and enjoy your experience!

  7. Hi Hill Country House Girl... too bad about the Bertoias... those would have been the first thing I would have grabbed!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. congratulations !! i am scared to death to speak anywhere... so i applaud you... xoxo

  9. Hi Terri, congratuations, you will be fabulous!! one of the best things you did for me is sent me my first award, and I was walking on clouds for days!! so my advice is to tell people to be true to their vision, and to try to post original material as much as possible, and to be persistent. If blogging is part of the marketing mix, I would advise a weekend bootcamp in social media marketing at least! It's complicated and time consuming....

    Have a ball! and let us know how it you Tweet? you can tweet us as the day goes on, (first we have to follow each other)



  10. Hi Kit, thanks so much for the support and encouragement. The bootcamp suggestion is good advise for newbies...

    I just tried my twitter button at the right and it isn't working... my user name is t_symington... send me yours...

  11. Congratulations Terri!!! And it is a very good idea of you to ask us bloggers to help!
    For me I thought I was not that easy to be integrated in the blogger community but I did a mail to Brook of Velvet and Linen and she introduced me to all of her readers! So I would recommend a new blogger to contact a blogger she loves and to make contact with this person. And everything will be OK and easy to start !

  12. Thank you Greet! That is a wonderful idea and suggestion... an introduction from another blogger would certainly increase exposure and make a new blogger feel welcomed!


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