Wednesday, May 12, 2010


...sustainable luxury

Last week I received a very nice congratulatory letter from Shelby Pigg from the Dallas Design Center’s showroom of Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman for being a featured designer on Decorati’s Eblast. Along with her letter she sent me some updates to their upholstery line, as well as a catalog from their line “pure - sustainable luxury”.

Since I have not posted any new blogs to my Eco-Style Luxury blog for some time now, I thought it would be a great product line to highlight.

Please take a look at the room scenes HERE … the pieces are just beautiful examples of how sustainable design needn’t be boring or bland… in fact as you can see from this photo, they are quite stunning!


  1. I just love that sofa!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. OH, not boring at all! I think it's all of the different textures that make it so interesting, gorgeous!

  3. Maria and Shari... thank you both for stopping by... that really is a great looking sofa!

  4. It's a lovely room. The mix of cool and warm color palettes is a personal favorite. And the sculpture... we should all have such great art!

  5. Two Maisons, yes! the art definitely completes the room. I too like a balance of warm and cools in a space.

  6. Hola Terri, I love this style, so pure and simple... but, you know me, my home is a mix of many old things... maybe when I`m older I will choose this style, for sure!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  7. Maria... I love old things too... and I think that they are complimentary to each other.

    When we get older, we will probably all want to simplify so that there is not so many things to dust, and will make getting around with our walkers so much easier!

    Thanks for visiting...


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