Thursday, May 10, 2012



Upon returning from France I was sorting through my stack of mail and came across a premier issue of a new magazine that was sent to me... 


 This is one of the newest publications added to the collection of other magazines by Modern Luxury Media

Seeing the publication reflects an optimistic move forward for the interior design industry and I was also pleased to see the diversity of design displayed in the magazine to illustrate that Houston interior design is much broader and sophisticated than the "decorating formula" of slip covers and sea grass rugs that many blog readers are led to believe...

And to that point... last night's launch party for the magazine took place at the private home of interior designer Lucinda Loya, in an exclusive gated community in Houston's Memorial area.  I was so glad that I had made the event, as seeing her home was quite a treat, in and of itself.  To say the home is fabulous is an understatement.  The contemporary home is a canvas to her amazing collections of art, art objects, and unique furnishings.  The whole house was completely open to the guests, which had a tremendous turn-out.

You will have to forgive the quality of my i-phone photos... but I think you will get the flavor...

Sweeping staircase with glass stair treads.

Looking down from the upstairs through the glass bannister... the glass would take some getting used to for me since I have a discomfort with heights... but what a view!

I lost count to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms... 7...8...?


The launch party was a lot of fun and a success, and I'm looking forward to seeing "Interior's" future issues of Texas interior design.


  1. wow
    that look like a heck of a 'HOE DOWN!!'
    i wish i were there.
    the daybed headboard is fab.

  2. Hi Terri, I will be in Houston at the end of next week I think. Maybe we can meet then? Love you...

  3. I had to scroll up again to check that this was indeed a private house ; there's just one comment for it : Oh, my God !


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