Monday, August 6, 2012

Project Coming Together...

Here are some snippets to give you the flavor of a project that I have been working on since last October.   It is a new construction project, which I love because it gives me the opportunity to make substantial changes to the layout and design of the fact, this project started out as a blank slate because all I had to work with was a floor plan that the client saw and liked... no elevations, no material or finish schedules, nothing but lines on a piece of paper that indicated where the rooms were located.

My client Carol, is a designer's dream client!  Not only does she have great tastes... she is absolutely wonderful at making decisions!

 Framing stage of construction

 One of three guest rooms... window seating to come.  
Segreto will be doing a painted finish on the custom louver doors
for us.

This piece came out of the inventory of the old Warwick Hotel from Houston.
It will become our header for the guest bathroom shower.

This petrified wood basin will sit on top of another fabulous piece found out at
Round  Top for the vanity in the first guest bath room.

The fireplace is getting a custom cut and fitted limestone surround.

You can see the fireplace in relation to the windows and media alcove.

Progression of the cabinetry in the dining area...

Arabescato Marble slab for the master bathroom

Large scale limestone tiles for the master bathroom flooring

Lighting for over the master bath tub

This piece was found at Round Top, it will become the master bathroom vanity along with the mirrors.

These antique French tiles will be installed in one of the three guest bathrooms,
surrounded by an unfilled travertine for the field tile.

While the construction is progressing, I am now focusing on fabrics, furnishings, etc...

I love this project!  It feels really great to start seeing all the visions and elements come together...


  1. Terri, you've won the earrings from my giveaway !!
    Isn't this fabulous ?
    Love you !!!!

  2. Oh Marsha!... This is wonderful!!!

    You have made my day and I can't tell you how much I appreciate getting to wear a pair of your earrings... your jewelry is so stunning!

    Let's get together and treats on me!

  3. Terri, send me your address, I have your earrings now !!!


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